GLCT: Our Historic Building Through The Years

The Greater Lewisville Community Theatre was established as a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization in 1983 and is governed by a Board of Directors.  In 1997, we were able to purchase our own building in Old Town Lewisville to become the first and still the only cultural arts organization with its own permanent home.


Our building was built in 1885 and is the oldest building in Lewisville. In this photo, Cobb's Dry Goods Store was still operating. After Cobb's, the building was home to a church. Photo courtesy Old Town Preservation Society.

September 2003: TxDOT has ground down the old pavement on Main Street to prepare for the fresh layer of asphalt. This is the front of GLCT as renovations began.


May 2004: The front of GLCT after repaving. Note the false front of the upper level has been removed, exposing the original windows. The concrete berm in front of our front door protects a seating area, which will be supplemented by plants. Parking on Main Street will now be angle-in as opposed to parallel.


May 2005: Lots of progress here. The awning and some of the siding are gone, the brick has been cleaned and the berm has been bricked.


June 2005: Lots more going on! The brickwork is mostly done, the new higher windows are installed, and work continues on the door.


October 2005: Almost done! The new downspouts are installed, the doors are done, and the new neon sign is installed.

December 2005: The theatre front at night.


January 2006: The new canopy is in place and the new marquees are installed! Thanks to William Peck Architects for our great new look!